2 Stroke Outboard Service

2 Stroke Outboard Service

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Minor outboard engine service is suited for outbpoards that are out of waranty.


Service in cludes the following;


- Fuel filter change

- Oil filter Change

- Recondition of spark plugs

- New impeller (waterpump)

- Gear box oil change

- Sump Oil Change

- Hydraulicsteering service

- Tilt/Trim service

- Once over the boats electronics and communication systems.



Minor outboard engine service is suited for outbpoards that are out of waranty.

NOTE: Service is a fixed price and includes parts for the above services.

Specality items like OEM parts, flat plugs or specific filters will be an additional cost, however rest assured there is no differece in functinality or reliability between OEM nad non OEM parts.


    The cost of this service is all inclusive. Meaning all parts will be included in the over all cost. The exception to this is if you require OEM parts (and honestly there's no real difference for what we need to do) or specality parts like a flat spark plug.

    More than happy to take you over what I'm doing and show you a few things along the way....teach a man to fish right?


    So being that this is a minor service you cant exactly say hey Dan my 20 year old engines head is cracked and you didn't fix it or something...that's pretty obviously preexisting.

    However if you feel that the service I've provided was not satisfactory then please let me know and we can come to an arrangement. That might be another service, store credit or a refund we can work that out if the time comes.

    Having said all that, I have no intention of pulling the wool over anyones eyes however I also won't tollerate someone trying to do the same to me. 


    One of great things about all this is I'll come to you!

    No need to hook the boat up take it to the mechanics book a time and then arrange pick up. 

    I will go to the boats location and if suitable perform the service there. Everything I need to perform this service I am able to bring to the location, including power and water.

    Obviously common sense has to prevail here. I can't exactly service an engine on the water but a car park would do. Get the idea?

    If it's a small outboard for say a raft, inflatable or sailboat then we can come to an arrangement. Might be that I come do it in your shed or I collect it and do it in mine then return. Again common sense here I'm not going to travel hours for free.