Marine Servicing - Gear Box, Lower unit, External Leg Repairs

Marine Servicing - Gear Box, Lower unit, External Leg Repairs

Run aground?   Yep...I've done it.


A bent propeller probably means bent prop shaft, which means broken seals or bearings. 


If you've run aground the best thing to do is get someone to take a look at your gear box,  lower unit or leg.

Chances are if you've got a bent prop you'll have a few other things needing attention as well


I'll let you know what you can and cant get away with replacing. I'll repair all parts where possible and where I cant you'll always be the person in control of how much money is spent.


No hidden prices or nasty surprises when it come time to pay. 


    I'll come to your boats location, assess the damage and provide a course of action for making repairs.

    If you want I'm more than happy to show you how it done.

    If you want to take the opportunity to make a change like a different prop then hit me up and we can go through the options together.

    We'll find whats best for your needs. I'll show you where to order from for the best price so there'll be no addition surcharges or overheads on the good is that?!?!


    If you feel that the service I've provided was not satisfactory then please let me know and we can come to an arrangement. That might be another service, store credit or a refund we can work that out if the time comes.

    Having said all that, I have no intention of pulling the wool over anyones eyes however I also won't tollerate someone trying to do the same to me. 


    One of great things about all this is I'll come to you!

    When it comes to lower unit or gearbox rebuilds they can be easily removed and work performed in my workshop off site.

    When the repair is complete I'll come back at a time that suits you, reinstall the newly restored or repared unit and run through a water test with you to make sure you're happy with the repairs carried out.

    No need to hook the boat up take it to the mechanics book a time and then arrange pick up.