Floor & Stringer Repairs

Floor & Stringer Repairs

Is your floor soft? Does your boat flex a little  in chopy conditions?


These are signs that your floor or potentially stringers may be rotten and require replacment or repairs. Sounds pretty bad huh?


Dont stress often the rotten floor and stringers can be  cut out and replaced with ease.

In a lot of older style boats the stringers and floor were often made with timber and after time with constant moisture timber rots, but by using a fibreglass replacment they can be replaced and made stronger than ever.


Enquire now for a quote as usual I'm more than happy  to show you how it's done and include you in the process.


    I'll come to your place and install the device.

    If you want I'm more than happy to show you how it done.

    I'll take you through everything like runnig the loom and installing the circut breakers.fuses and switches through to measuring the right cuts for the holes in the boat for the physical install.


    If you dont have the device you want hit me up and we can go through the options together.

    We'll find whats best for your needs. I'll show you where to order from for the best price so there'll be no addition surcharges or overheads on the device....how good is that?!?!


    If you feel that the service I've provided was not satisfactory then please let me know and we can come to an arrangement. That might be another service, store credit or a refund we can work that out if the time comes.

    For this kind of work the biggest risk is finding additional timber/glass rot during the fitst cut but that's spread beyond initial investigation. Honestly if it's an issue we'll address it if presented and make a decision regarding the best course of action.

    Having said all that, I have no intention of pulling the wool over anyones eyes however I also won't tollerate someone trying to do the same to me. 


    One of great things about all this is I'll come to you!

    No need to hook the boat up take it to the mechanics book a time and then arrange pick up.