The Story of Dodgy Dans

Sick of seeing the little guy get screwed over by big business I decided to do something about it.

Dodgy Dans is a fun hassle free way to provide advice, help and services to whoever wants it.

The idea came to me when several members of the community began requesting help with this or that.

Over the years I've worked in several different industries and picked so many different skills including not limited to, communication technology, information technology, mechanical repairs and aviation.

Combined with a thirst for knowledge, the motivation and willingness to give anything a crack I've found my self in a position where I can finally start using these skills to improve the lives of those around least that the intent.

Having always been community driven and keen to hang onto the values that we all grew up with like honesty, mateship, hard work, helping out the community and generally being a good person I got pretty sick of seeing my friends, mates and even strangers get taken advantage of.

My aim is to grow the business with the needs of the community and therefor help each other and demand right?

Ideally as the business grows I intend to branch out into other areas including but limited to home & garden maintenance, automotive servicing including motorbikes, and aviation flights and training.

By growing the business into these areas I will then have the ability to provide jobs to the local area and pass my knowledge, skills and values onto the our next generation and with a whole lot of hard work and luck keep this idea going for years to come.